For centuries the Louis cube pattern has been the mark of an opulent space – in Jean Louis Deniot’s larger than life Parisian projects, in the grandest libraries and public buildings of the world, and now in small decorative items for your home. Although a pattern that dates back to the Ancient Grecian and Roman times, then made popular during Louis XIV’s reign (hence the name “Louis” cube), it has been a symbol of a modernist sensibility. What could be more avant-garde than taking a 3D concept and making it 2D? Let’s just say that this is a graphic design stroke of genius.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to help you get this grand pattern in your own home (no expensive wallpaper or tiles needed). With this Astier de Villatte special edition candle, or this Ferm Living throw, you can recreate the feeling of a Left Bank Parisian apartment without having to actually own one.

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