One of the quickest ways to make a statement in your décor is with a rug. Some of us can’t start the design process until there’s one on the floor, while others consider rugs to be the perfect finishing touch. It’s obvious—despite varying aesthetics—that the design of a room should be thoughtfully curated from top to bottom… or in this case, ceiling to floor.

With Loloi Rugs, there is something for everyone and every style. Whether you obsess over vibrant hues or prefer a bare-bones approach, Loloi has a rug that will add major wow-factor to your space. With 3 very different looks in mind, we combed through the Loloi inventory to bring you the rugs you’ve been dreaming of. Now the question remains… which one will you choose?

Shop Minimalist:  1. Nyla Collection // 2. Mirage Collection // 3. Pearl Collection // 4. Hermitage Collection // 5. Pearl Collection // 6.  Journey Collection

Shop Global Color: 1. Charlotte Collection // 2. Xavier Collection // 3. Giselle Collection // 4. Madeline Collection // 5. Giselle Collection // 6. Xavier Collection

Shop Vintage Charm: 1. Mystique Collection // 2. Adler Collection // 3. Vista Collection // 4. Terra Collection // 5. Goodwin Collection // 6. Adler Collection