Last week, one of our most popular posts was Lizzie Fortunato’s Creative Womens Dinner in Venice Beach, CA. In our interview with Lizzie and her twin sister, Kathryn, they mentioned that much of the tablescape was actually for sale on the Lizzie Fortunato website. (Color us intrigued!) Turns out, there’s an entire section called Fortune Finds — a collection of textiles, artwork, and other souvenirs obtained while traveling the globe. We couldn’t help but choose a few favorites — you’ll find the links below — and wanted to ask the girls more about this unique shopping experience.

What are “Fortune Finds”? How did the concept get started?
Kathryn:  [My sister] is a magpie who has always collected art objects, craftwork and (tons!) of textiles from the places we travel. Lizzie is an awesome ‘curator’ and is always able to bee-line to the best things in a market, or the perfect find in a yard sale. As the real business mind of the two of us, I definitely saw the potential of her good taste and all our travel shopping and we decided to launch “Fortune Finds” on our website to showcase these found objects alongside art objects and other lifestyle goods curated from third-party vendors. Most of these vendors are friends or artists that we admire and we love the idea of championing other independent designers. The extension into lifestyle products was also so obvious because so many of the textiles that Lizzie collects inspire her designs. So there’s really a pretty obvious correlation between the Peruvian pillows or metallic wallhangings or quirky ceramics on Fortune Finds and the jewelry and leather goods that Lizzie designs. The pieces merchandise so well together and whether they are adorning your home or your body they really come together to create the “Lizzie Fortunato world”.

What are your top resources?
Lizzie: I definitely collect a ton of Fortune Finds when traveling. I shipped back a few crates of product from Morocco two years ago and since then have worked with friends and colleagues who’ve visited to ship rugs back to me (the Moroccan Rugs are one of our top selling Fortune Finds). I also recently found some incredible copper items in Sayulita, Mexico, as well as beautiful one-off ceramics in Japan. Because I am not always traveling (sigh!), we supplement the found items on Fortune Finds with the amazing work of different artists and makers that we admire. Some favorites include prints by Brooklyn-based artists Wayne Pate, bronze serving ware by Lue Brass (out of Japan), textiles and fine art by our good friend Caroline Z. Hurley. Most of these discoveries are just through word of mouth or meeting friends of friends… I’ve actually discovered some artists through our Creative Womens Dinners that I would like to stock on the website and I always have my ear to the ground looking for new, cool designers and makers.

Parting with such gems must be tough. How do you do it?! 
Lizzie: Oh, I definitely keep a lot for myself! I fell in love with some textiles when I was traveling in Vietnam and Cambodia this Spring that I just couldn’t part with, but my fiancé is putting his foot down about how much more I’m allowed to stuff into our apartment!

1. Pitcher // 2. Linen Napkins // 3. Equilateral Nails // 4. Orb Vase // 5. Scene Mediterranean // 6. Salad Servers // 7. Natural Canvas and Leather Apron // 8. Mexican Embroidered Pillow