Two sisters and their best friend decide to start a company. Could be a disaster but for Kate Heppell, her sister, Hayley Pannekoecke, and their friend, Alex Van Der Slys, there was no hesitation. “We weren’t nervous at all, weirdly! I think that is probably because we didn’t have any set expectations about what Kip&Co would look like or how much it would make after 1 year or 5 years. We were genuinely motivated by the simple idea of working together,” Alex says. As she points out, “Who doesn’t want to work with their best mates on something creative…so we were winning right out of the blocks I guess! I think we knew we would work well together because we are all equal parts tenacious, determined, and able to laugh at ourselves. Being self deprecating is an Australian profession so we can’t take ourselves too seriously!”

The result is Kip&Co, a bedding company that has grown into a wide variety of home goods. Recounting their history, Kate says, “When we launched five years ago, the Australian bedding scene wasn’t super exciting – lots of white. For a place that is bursting with light and fun and spontaneity we just felt like that wasn’t good enough! So we set about creating bright, bold, beautiful bedding and slowing but surely we’ve expanded into every room in the house!”

And their colors and print explode as well. Hayley says, “Kip&Co’s aesthetic is bright, bold, and beautiful. It’s a reflection of ourselves. We’re inspired by the everyday (so sometimes our prints will feature drawings from Kate and Hayley’s kids!) and the out of the way, whether it be a flea market in Rome or a beach side in Bali, it all infuses what we do.

If you are looking for a serious dose of summer fun in your home, Kip&Co has just launched in the US (and of course, is available in Australia as well!) See more in the slideshow!