Terrazzo, a composite of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other materials, has been around since 8,000 BC. In 1996, the idea was given a modern makeover with the creation of Vetrazzo, which combines recycled glass into slabs that can be used as countertops, fireplace surrounds, entryways, tub and shower surrounds, and more. Made in the United States, 16 of their colorways are even Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified! Vetrazzo is part of the Polycor’s stone and marble offerings, which we have shared in the past.

Vetrazzo recently released four new colorways in collaboration with designer Laura Umansky and we fell for their personality and versatility. As part of Vetrazzo’s new Designer Collection, the Vetrazzo by Laura U product line is made of bio-resin, which allows for ideal performance in high-traffic areas. It’s non-porous – meaning stain resistant – protecting against everything from coffee to wine (both very important). For Laura, the collaboration was an opportunity to work with a brand she already regularly selected for projects. “Vetrazzo surfaces have found their way in my clients’ designs for years. Each time I installed their product, I was impressed with the dynamic nature of the recycled glass. Not only is the product gorgeous and each piece touched by human hands, the entire Vetrazzo team is passionate about what they do and a breeze to work with. I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them!”

Laura U says, “I drew inspiration from the mid-century modern interior and architectural design as well as iconic American cities of the 60s and 70s: Miami, Palm Springs and Hollywood. Each colorway is singular and evokes a feeling I have had when spending time in these cities.” Finalizing her designs for Vetrazzo wasn’t easy, mostly due to the large variety of options in the Vetrazzo line. “Because Vetrazzo offers a seemingly endless array of glass and other interesting aggregate options, narrowing down the line to four colorways was by far the most challenging part. Ultimately, I decided on designs I thought would resonate most with my own clients. Our designs at Laura U meet one – or all – of the following criteria: light, bright, bold and contrasting. My product line for Vetrazzo represents these traits. The Fair Pearl colorway is light and bright; neutral without being dull. Aqua Current is also a bright colorway that works very well with our coastal interiors. The Classic Black colorway is the perfect “contrasty” addition to the line and Orchid Reflection lends the bold color we love to inject into our clients’ homes.”

See the four colorways plus how Laura used Vetrazzo in two kitchens (including one near and dear to her heart) in the slideshow.