As a digital magazine, we think the online world has a *lot* to offer. (Hi! Thank you for being here!) Sometimes, however, we all need a break from the screens, especially that little one we carry around everywhere.

In order to have intentional time offline, it can be nice to set up a little area of the home focused on going analog. A place to sit and read or journal or perhaps to use that little screen for what it was first designed for, making a phone call to a loved one (and sure, FaceTime is maybe the exception to “no screens allowed!”)

Here’s how we’d design a cozy, creative space with a bookshelf ready to stock full of inspiring books and treasures and the perfect chair to curl up in!

  1. Book // 2. Chair // 3. Bookcase // 4. Pens // 5. Stool // 6. Pillow // 7. Notebook // 8. Candles