There are a million reasons why a leather chair is a great investment piece, but the only one that really matters is that it is an instant upgrader. Yes, we’re pretty sure that’s a engineering term, but we think it works in this context. Most of us don’t have the ability to do a lot with the interior architecture of our spaces. After all, even if you own your home, renovations take time to save up for. So since we’re not all blessed with gorgeous crown moldings, or cutting edge finishes, we’re trying to cut corners and find fool-proof ways to make our lives more elegant.

Got an Ikea Kivik sofa? No problem. This Scandinavian modern chair will change your mass-produced piece into a unique, Pinterest-worthy set up. If you have a corner in your bedroom that could use some visual interest, this Neo-classical chair will dress it up.

There’s something about the sturdiness of leather, that when applied to a well designed chair, creates design magic. It’s sexy, it’s practical and it will wear well for the years to come.

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