In our latest issue, our Contributing Editor, Kat wrote about her struggles to define her personal style and come up with a cohesive look for her home. Since she’s in the middle of redecorating her rental apartment, we asked her to share some of the pieces she’s considering to give her home a fresh new look:

All of us on Team Rue are constantly re-evaluating our home. Occupational hazard, I suppose. Often this is just minor tweaking, a new pillow or lamp to change up a room. Right now, however, my husband and I are planning a major overhaul, including  rearranging the living room and a completely new home office. Because it’s a rental, I’m focusing on affordable pieces that can be reused plus a few splurges that I will always want around. I’m aiming to have a bit of continuity from space to space, but ultimately each room will have its own feel. See what I’m planning in the slideshow.