Jute, that natural fiber that is most commonly associated with beach decor and so often confused with sisal (its rougher and more durable equivalent), is a design classic. It doesn’t matter if you are an ulta-modernist or Southern style traditionalist, your house needs a hint of jute.

With this week’s round-up we wanted to show that jute can become so much more than rug, that this simple material has been used for so many different types of pieces – from sculptural pendant lighting to refined curtain tiebacks. And it’s the perfect thing to use if your decor is feeling a little bit plain: jute can ground bright colors, bringing in sophistication, or it can make neutrals more complex and luxurious. One of the most common mistakes we see in those who love a black and white palette is that it can looks a bit gimmicky (ie Kourtney Kardashian’s previous home) if there aren’t enough natural materials in the mix. With just one important item made in jute, you can already create an extra layer of interest, elevating your space’s look.

With that much potential in mind, here are some of our favorite pieces:

Shop Rue: 1. Side Table // 2. Chandelier // 3. Tassel // 4. Mirror // 5. Pillow // 6. Pouf // 7. Basket