Over here at Rue we’re long time fans of Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow. Justina is constantly finding new outlets for her creativity and we’re very excited about her latest – a collection of furniture and home décor for Living Spaces. We love how Justina’s designs push out us of our comfort zone and into the world of bold color and pattern (though there are also some absolutely gorgeous neutrals in this collection as well!)

Justina says, “One of the things I’m most proud about this collections – besides that the pieces are made here in Los Angeles!!! – is that we were able to design pieces that aren’t just beautiful, but also very accessible.” The collection is launching online and in stores. And if you are near a living Living Spaces store, definitely stop in to enjoy vignettes designed by Justina in all Living Spaces brick and mortars! But first, take a tour of the collection in the slideshow!

You’ve designed several furniture and home collections in the past. What was your inspiration or focus for this collection?
My focus for this collection was comfort, family-friendliness, timelessness with a twist. Each sofa in the collection was inspired by a different time or phase in my life. With each of these sofas comes a memory: Staying up past my bedtime to watch Twin Peaks, a first kiss, struggling through Dostoevsky, watching my first Italian Soccer game, commiserating with girlfriends over a glass of wine while discussing how life in New York was nothing like Sex In The City, my husband and I singing songs to our newborn baby, while she does her ‘tummy time’.

I infused this collection with the playfulness and comfort of my childhood, the ingenuity of my college years, the versatility and indulgence from my time in Italy, the edginess of NYC, and the warmth that I feel at home in Los Angeles — and the amazing team at Jonathan Louis (production partners) helped to bring these sentiments to life through this collection.

What was the biggest challenge in creating this collection?
The biggest challenge was getting the style I wanted but also creating pieces that are extremely comfortable. Those two things don’t always go hand in hand.

Not enough Justina? She’s also got a new book coming out October 10!