Attending design markets has introduced us to many of our favorite new designers. At Las Vegas Market, we were blown away by the casual sophistication — and downright fun — of Joanie Design’s furniture collection. With its pinks, teals, purples, and floral patterns, we fell in love with the collection and the vibrant interior designer behind it all, Joanie Hintz. Joanie describes her aesthetic as modern-transitional saying, “I love combining modern colors and fabrics with neutrals because neutrals allow color to shine — I just love color! More importantly I love how the right combination of color can make you feel.” See her furniture designs in action in the slideshow.

What first sparked your interest in interior design?
Well, my obsession with color and fabrics started me down this road. When I was a child I would spend all my babysitting money on fabric! I was making comforters and curtains for my room by the time I was 12. So I’ve always known how important the space you live in is and how good it feels to be in a room you love! It’s not much different as an adult… really, I just love how I feel when I walk into a room that has all the right elements.

After working as an interior designer, what inspired you to make your own collection?
Creating my furniture collection was a leap of faith for sure! But I knew that I had to do it or regret it forever. I had lots of people asking for my furniture and all of these ideas rolling around in my head, so I went to work!

We met you a little over a year ago just as the collection was taking off. What have been your biggest challenges?
The biggest challenge for me has been learning things that I didn’t know I didn’t know. The last two years has been a huge learning curve for me; I’m so grateful for all the people who generously shared their time and experience when I needed it the most! The furniture designs and fabric choices come together easily…is it wrong to just want to play with fabrics all day?

Today you are sharing your current collection but you have an additional line that launches next month at High Point, correct?
Yes, we’ll be at High Point in October. Our booth is in the Salon at Market Square. I’m so excited to introduce all our new furniture pieces and…Joanie Design fabrics! Please come and see us!