Recognize that girl? You’re probably used to laughing to Jessica Williams’ deadpan take on the news on The Daily Show, but we’re quite taken by her latest project — the 2016 Home Goods lookbook for Dusen Dusen. Ellen Van Dusen’s apparel and homegoods lines has acquired quite a cult following for its bold use of abstract shapes and vibrant colors, and her latest collection lives up to expectations.

So why Jessica Williams? Ellen counts herself as a fan of the comedienne, saying, “I think she’s a great role model for young women — she’s smart, funny, unabashedly herself, confident and cool. It’s rare to find all those qualities in one person. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but takes her work seriously. I wanted all these qualities to come across in the photos.” Pieces for the collection are slowly being added to the website and the full collection will be available June 20. See a sneak peek in the slideshow! 

What was the inspiration behind this collection?
This collection was inspired by a lot of different things — most of the patterns are sourced from different clothing collections over the years, so it’s very representative of my design aesthetic in general. What I continually go back to is kinetic art, colorfield paintings, food, architecture and friends.

You started in fashion. What promoted you to also start a home goods line?
I like the idea of making a product for a wider audience. Fashion is for a specific set of people, not everyone wants to wear bright, patterned clothing. People are sometimes more comfortable with a pop of color on their couch vs on their bodies. This felt like a natural expansion of the line, with the added bonus of the opportunity to work physically larger.

Many are hesitant to decorate using bold patterns. What’s your advice to those who typically have subdued spaces but want to mix it up?
Start slow! A pillow. Soon you’ll be hooked.