Interior Define has been one of the furniture brands leading the digital-first home furnishings. One of their defining features? I/D offers styles you can adjust to your preference and over 65+ different fabrics. The problem? With some many color options, it can be hard to decide just on your monitor.

So we’re excited I/D just opened their fifth and newest guideshop location in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. The guideshop offers 2500 sq. ft. of retail space for I/D’s top sofas, chairs, beds, and dining pieces, then opens to a 600 sq. ft. space with 20’ foot ceilings – an unexpected entrance to a full home environment in the back of the store. Along with their own wares, the guideshop offers a curated selection of digitally-native home goods brands including Gantri Lighting, Wright Bedding, Snow, Sonos, Minted, Revival rugs and more.

Take a tour of the space in the slideshow!