The holiday season is finally here, which means it’s time to infuse a pop of yuletide cheer into your home. Rue welcomes interior designer Tobi Fairley. In addition to her impressive portfolio, Tobi is also a creativeLIVE instructor and her latest workshop was on using color in your home. She’s giving us a few of her holiday color tips to get you ready. Why not mix things up this year with some playful color combinations? There’s more to the holidays than poinsettias and mistletoe, and with a few quick tricks of color you can take your seasonal decor from basic to bold and unexpected! Take it away, Tobi! 

Instead of plastering your holiday table with red and green, try nixing the green altogether and replacing it with gold. Make red your dominant color for plates, glasses, and stemware, and then sparkle things up with pops of gold in your napkins, your place tags, or even your centerpiece. Gold tea-lights scattered down the length of the table are stunning against a deep red runner, and you’ll still get that cozy and traditional holiday feel.

There’s nothing more fun than styling a mantlepiece, and my advice? Going organic with shades of ivory, brown, and silver. To achieve this sophisticated look, fill your mantle with candles of varying length and then hit your local craft shop to buy some pinecones. Time to DIY! Color-dip your pinecones in sparkly silver paint and cluster them around your candles. The sparkles will catch the flickering light from the candles, creating the beautiful illusion of a winter wonderland.

If you celebrate Christmas, decorating a tree is the main event. But instead of breaking out the same trusty box of decorations that you’ve used year after year, try something new. Too much color variation can make a tree look cluttered, but if you stick with one color for your lights, a complementary color for your tinsel, and a third color for your decorations, your tree will be an eye-catching show stopper. I love the idea of using white lights, pink tinsel and decorations in various shades of red. Something tells me these cheerful hues will transition beautifully to holiday decor!

Last, you better get out that ladder, because now that you’ve finished decorating the inside of your home, it’s time to tackle the outside. Decorating with lights is a classic holiday tradition, but it’s easy to go overboard. Instead of buying strings of multicolored bulbs and festooning them all over your trim, why not stick to two or three colors? Try combining classic white twinkle lights with electric blue for a cool, icy look. Or you can satisfy your sweet tooth with red and white striped lights –– your front yard will look like a candy cane!