Megan Schiller was inspired to start The Art Pantry after years of teaching art to kids, first as a preschool teacher then at her own children’s art studio. “I really wanted to create an open studio feel and give my students the freedom to move around, gather materials from the shelf, and explore them in their own ways. I was amazed at how much this experience helped develop kids’ creative confidence and independence. Every student thrived with this approach — even the ones who started off disliking art or the ones who were known to bounce off the walls in a class setting.” She decided to help bring this experience into children’s homes. That’s where The Art Pantry came in!

For Megan, an “art pantry” is a kids’ creative space, no matter the size, that is accessible, organized, and stocked with art supplies for creative exploration. With this inviting set-up, kids can easily access tools and materials to work through ideas, tinker, discover, solve problems, learn techniques, and create anything they can imagine. It’s a creative workspace that allows children the opportunity to explore with open-ended materials.

Through her design services, e-guides, and blog, Megan helps families set up art and play spaces that foster children’s independence, investigation, and creativity. “I’m all about combining the beauty and function of great design with the joy and value of learning.” Designing art spaces has turned into designing other kid-focused family spaces, like playrooms, family rooms and bedrooms. She also offers a step-by-step e-guide on how to set up a home art space and runs a blog full of ideas for creative fun.

Today she’s sharing six tips for creating an inspiring art area in your home. See them in the slideshow!