When Industria X started, it was a truly avant-garde business, selling ex-industrial fittings and furniture. Offerings included science lab glassware presented as tableware and decorative home wares alongside IX’s own collection of steel and wood furniture including trolleys and chairs. Now powder-coated, industrial furniture has become a staple in modern homes, but IX continues to deliver creative furnishings that stay true to its roots while continuing to grow.

Three years ago, Emma Cleine, Creative Director of Industria X, and her husband Mark took over the Australian brand from the founder Quentin Buckley and his family, who coincidentally were also Emma’s art and design teachers in high school. The IX aesthetic blends mid-century inspired government-issue furniture and French Industrial Design. Emma says IX has always had “a utilitarian philosophy when it comes to designing our pieces. Our furniture is strong and highly functional, perfect for commercial use and for those of us who like furniture well made to last a lifetime. Our components can be updated through re-powdercoating surfaces and re-painting surfaces, we want our pieces to withstand years and years of use.”

IX’s most recent campaign is called Interior X. As the name suggests its a focus on interior furniture and storage, the X suggesting it can be applied to any interior, whether it be commercial or residential. What really makes IX stand out is its use of fresh colors. “Mark and I love color and have continued the use of powder coated surfaces mixed with sustainably source timbers to manufacture our range,” says Emma. “We work and live local to our suppliers and from raw materials to final product we have not traveled over 30 minutes in our van.”

Becoming business owners as well as life partners has been hard work, but according to Emma, well worth it. “We have had many lessons the last three years all of which relate to running a small business. First and foremost we have learnt to enjoy the ride. We have never worked harder and have never undertaken such meaningful work, which we are very proud of. We want to stay small and keep our manufacture local and true to the IX brand values.” We look forward to seeing what comes next!