August has just come to a close (yes, it really did go by so quickly!) and we’re getting ready for the new season. But that doesn’t mean that sunshine and a little bit of laziness are behind us. September is all about those golden rays of light, breezy evenings, and the stripped back pleasures of life. Nothing is more iconic to that sense of classic simplicity of early fall than indigo. Remember your favorite pair of jeans that always brought you comfort and confidence during those first days of school?

Not much has changed, we still love the richness of indigo, whether it’s in a newly acquired pillow for our sofa, or that pair of skinny jeans that will become our staple for evenings out, weekend barbecues and everything else in between. But nothing is more relevant to a casual look than indigo: mixed with pure whites, this hue can turn your home into a design success as powerful as Brooke Shield’s Calvin Klein ad. What’s its magic? Indigo dyed fabrics have a variation in saturation that make it not just a color but almost a pattern. That’s going to add a layer of texture to your space, which, as we’ve been explaining, is always a design plus. So, just as you’ve book-marked a few of your next jean purchases, take a look at our favorite indigo decor finds.

Shop Rue: 1. Chair // 2. Mugs // 3. Artwork // 4. Bowl // 5. Bedding // 6. Platter // 7. Napkins