Wallpaper company Hygge and West is the creation of two life-long best friends, Aimee Lagos and Christiana Coop, both “recovering lawyers.” Their first foray into the world of interior décor was becoming the US distributor of ferm LIVING. They saw a gap in the market for the type of wallpaper they wanted to make — and buy! — so they found someone else to take the distributorship, and went ahead and started their own wallpaper company. They’d seen Julia Rothman’s Daydream just prior to starting H&W and fell in love with it. That became their first design and has remained one of their best sellers even eight years later.

We have a feeling Hygge & West’s new collaboration with Heath Ceramics means a whole new set of best sellers. There are geometric shapes in a variety of hues, making the same pattern dark and dramatic in one shade and minimalist modern in another. Learn more about the collaboration below. Plus if you are in LA, visit the Heath LA store on Thursday for an launch event with Christina and Aimee!

How did the collaboration with Heath happen?
Heath reached out to us in late 2015 because they were looking to take on some new projects outside of ceramics and it was an absolute no-brainer for us to pursue the collaboration. We’ve long admired them for the incredible beauty and quality of their products (which we’re obsessed with) and their focus on design in not only what they make but also in how they function as a company. Plus, with Christiana being based in San Francisco, we loved that it was a local collaboration.

How does the collaboration pair Hygge and West and Heath’s aesthetics?
We’re really proud of the final product in that it feels very distinctly Heath, but it also reflects our love of color and signature use of metallics. Heath’s deep experience in tile gave them a built in understanding of how pattern plays out on a wall, which made the process really straightforward. It’s been a fun stretch for both of us. For Heath, being known primarily for one medium, it was exciting to apply that knowledge and design sensibility to a new product. For us, because our patterns are primarily more feminine and literal, so it was great to add a collection that feels more abstract and geometric that will appeal to a unisex audience.

Wallpaper is increasing in popularity again after a sort of falling out of favor. Why should someone consider wallpaper for their home?
It’s funny – we used to get contacted all the time for stories about “wallpaper as a trend”, and now, after doing this for almost 10 years we’re of the belief that it’s transcended “trend” status and has just become a constant feature within interior design. Wallpaper has an amazing ability to change up the feel of a room – more so than paint, or even furniture. It can transform a boring powder room into a little jewel box of a space. Or it can turn a funky little nook in a room into a focal point. We try to create products with personality that add energy and joy to the spaces in which they are hung. It’s really another form of art, when you think about it – just on a larger scale. And, the real interest lies in how people then build a room around the wallpaper. It’s so fun to see all the different ways people can style a room using the same paper.