In our world, there’s nothing more thrilling than stumbling upon a new website to obsess over. Over the last week, Hunters Alley has become that obsession. This online resale marketplace, created by the brilliant minds at One Kings Lane, is a place for buyers and sellers who, like us, always have “the hunt” in the back of their minds.

The hunt is the lifelong search for your dream sofa, the hours spent poring through vintage jewelry boxes in search of a sparkly broach, and the art collection that has taken years to perfect. However, when you collect things over time… you eventually need to purge as well. The Alley is a place that allows you to sell antique and vintage, handmade and crafted, and contemporary pre-owned items that shoppers won’t find anywhere else. And with amazing customer service, you won’t have to worry about the logistics. Be warned- if you venture to sell, you’ll ultimately end up buying something too. (Case in point: how gorgeous are these chairs?!)

Of course, a marketplace isn’t all you’ll find at Hunters Alley. The most charming aspect is that it’s social. Labeled a “place to collect and connect,” you’ll meet like-minded design lovers, discover the latest trends, and learn the fun backstories of every piece you love. Happy Hunting!

Shop Rue: 1. Glassware // 2. & 6. Decorative Accessories // 3. Jewelry // 4. Books // 6. Pillows