Now that indoor-outdoor living is officially not a trend but a way of life, let’s talk about how to best connect your interior to the outside world – with glass doors! After all, if you are lucky enough to have a home with a stunning view, it’s a shame to hide that view behind thick, heavy doors. And that’s even (or rather, especially!) if that view is just to a small backyard. Make the most of it!

We love how contemporary glass doors to the exterior can be. Today we’re offering up tips from the windows and doors experts, JELD-WEN. See some examples of their doors in action in the slideshow.

Make it modern. Look for simple frames with clean lines and use bottom-loading units to reduce the need for support beams, which can disrupt the look.

Keep your interior and exterior doors complementary. To carry the same look from exterior to interior, choose a door style that is available in both applications. Even if you don’t want all glass, you can select paneled doors and add glass panels to exterior, and keep interior doors solid. You can also integrate the look by using the same hardware finish.

Use natural wood trim to play up the architecture in your space. If you are concerned about the durability of wood, look for a product that performs well in any climate and is less likely to rot.

Choose a gliding door that truly glides, allowing you to move large glass panels with ease. No matter the size, you can customize by using panels of different sizes.

Opt for energy efficient. With so much glass, many might worry about too much sun coming in and air leaking out. Direct-set windows as large as 10 feet can be produced with Low-E, which minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without reducing the amount of visible light that is transmitted. Check for the ENERGY STAR® rating as well.

The only thing left? Enjoy the view!