Sun-bleached hair and a relaxed vibe are two characteristics often associated with that “classic surfer” look. But for those of us that want to embrace the trend while keeping things sophisticated, it can be hard to find a happy-medium.

We were inspired by this room’s look for merging mid-century pieces, beach-inspired accessories, and a uniquely faded oriental rug… which itself looks like it has spent a few weeks out in the sun. The result is a perfect example of a youthful space that feels mature. But how can this translate into our wardrobes? We paired it with Christine Andrew’s simple yet perfectly nuanced summer look. Although they have a few dissimilarities (mainly in patterns and materials), this outfit and this room have commonalities that we’d like to learn from:

1. White as your starting point. White walls are like that perfect pair of denim which you always go back to when pulling together a stylish outfit. Sure, you have more complicated items in your wardrobe, but sometimes you just want something that takes less effort. Similarly white walls are the easiest canvas to start out with, allowing your other prized pieces to shine.

2. Several shades of gray. If you want to know the secret of decorating as well as the secret to fashion, it’s all in the combination of similar shades in one piece. When it comes to large surface areas like rugs, or tops, you want to break up the visual space with subtle patterns and colors.

3. Controlling casual. There’s no problem in rocking sweats or a top knot. (Especially since blowdrying your hair to perfection every day is not only too time consuming, it’s proven to be bad for your locks.) However, knowing how much casual to include and how to balance it out is key. Christine keeps her casual outfit sophisticated with cute ballerina flats and a quality crossbody bag. Similarly, this room doesn’t have everything matching to perfection and has an eclectic vibe, yet shows restraint by arranging decorative objects in a visually pleasing manner and limiting the amount of pieces in the room.

If you love this room’s chair or accessories, check out our slideshow to get the look!