Born in Poland and then emigrated to Chicago, designer Edyta Czajkowska’s upbringing spanned architectural wonders from the Old World to the Windy City. It’s not a surprise then that the founder of EDYTA & Co. has a keen eye and an ability to create spaces that are immediately welcoming. So when we saw this guest bedroom she recently completed, we had her tips for creating a welcoming guest bedroom.

See her tips below and more of her work in the slideshow!

Create a sensory experience. We experience the world through our senses. Use this to your advantage when designing a guest bedroom to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your guests. Create a beautiful visual impact with wallpaper, patterns, or a bold color palette. Play with textural patterns that beg to be touched, from velvets and satins to cashmere blankets and rugs. Set the ambiance while invigorating their sense of smell by burning a candle in a seasonal scent. And just like your favorite boutique hotel, leave your favorite chocolate in their room for a little something sweet at the end of the day.

Choose luxury linens. Choose simple but luxurious bedding for your guests. Choose high quality, high thread count sheets and duvet covers, and supply extra blankets and pillows should they need them. Comfort is key for a good night’s sleep.

Provide a place to rest. A place to sit gives your guest the opportunity to rest on another place than the bed. I love including a chair in a guest bedroom as it offers a place to read, make a phone call, or simply a place to rest privately. Just be sure to include a light.

Skip the clutter, clear drawers, and empty the closet. Pare down accessories to provide ample surface space for your guests to set their belongings. Remove personal photos and accessories so guests don’t feel like they are invading someone else’s room. Also plan to clear out drawers and empty the closet so your guests can utilize the space.

Provide the necessities. From toothpaste to shampoo, we often forget something at home when we travel. Stock your guest bathroom with the necessities they may have forgotten. And don’t forget to include extra towels.