Part of being a fully functional, put-together adult is having stock of tableware to give a decent dinner party or gathering. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart but you should definitely have dinnerware that isn’t chipped and mis-matching. But if you are like us, sometimes between surprise life expenses (your dog’s vet bill), a love of fashion (yes, we too splurged on some shoes), and keeping up with regular bills, there isn’t a lot of room for home decor. Of course we all would love to have an eight place setting of hand thrown fine china, but for now simple white ones will have to do. With just a few extra stylish items, you can make your regular pieces look great for a meal with friends. We’ve done the searching for you and have found eight items whose price tag is under $25. They could even make great hostess gifts.

Shop Rue: 1. Wooden Bowls // 2. Charcoal Bowls // 3. Trivet // 4. Mini Spoons // 5. Salt & Pepper Shakers // 6. Wooden Slab Serving Board // 7. Placemats // 8. Votive