As editors we enjoy certain privileges, like being able to see what’s new before it even hits the stores. We love heading down to North Carolina for High Point Market (it is THE event to go to for all things “home”) to check out what’s happening in decor, see what our favorite brands have designed for the season, and discover a few new favorites along the way. This time, we’re bringing the market to you and sharing our favorite trends for spring.

The US is the leader of traditional style: we’ve got the curvy upholstered armchair and rich wood console down to a T. But, we’ve been noticing a few game changers emerging. New collections are getting a fresh look with a more contemporary, modern style. Materials such as polished brass, colored glass, leather, brightly powdered coated steel, and marble are making a bold appearance.

It’s getting to the point where it takes us far too long to get through just a few showrooms because we’re stopping to admire every single piece. Take this side table from Alden Parkes for example – the stone top and black and chrome base result in an unexpected yet artistic piece for the living room. Or, the two tone glass vases from SkLo Studio, whose hand-blown look and gem-like colors have a particularly striking allure. Perfect for the organic modernist who wants to add a few hints of color to her space!

These are just a few examples of decor that we will be admiring at this Spring’s Market. We’re now getting ourselves ready by purchasing comfortable (but stylish!) shoes and a big tote bag for press kits. Hopefully we’ll see you there!