With only a few weeks left of summer, we’re searching for ways to extend the season into fall. While the return of cool weather will move us indoors, we’ve decided we won’t let that deter us- we’re bringing the outdoors in! 

Pulling inspiration from photographer Emily Johnston’s NYC home, we’ve concluded that a hammock indoors should do the trick! Emily made the most of her small space by hanging her hammock over the bed, and draping it to the side when not in use. The result is a cool, “grown-up” fort that we wish we had in our homes! If you have more space, this would look great in the corner of an office for a little lunchtime vacation, or in the living room for impromptu party seating/lounging.

The trick is to lay back, relax, and enjoy your new oasis. Summer will be back before you know it!

RUE TIP: Better safe than sorry… Follow this guide before hanging anything from the ceiling!

Image originally appeared as part of our February 2014 issue here.