For textile designer Rebecca Atwood, a love of quilts started early. In her childhood home, a “crazy quilt” from her mom’s side of the family hung by the dining room table. Rebecca remembers being fascinated by the different triangular fabrics at every meal.

Another defining moment was at the Folk Art Museum. Rebecca was there with her grandmother to see an exhibit of white on white quilts, and was struck by the craft. And then again when she worked in Philadelphia, falling in love with an exhibit of Gees Bend quilts… and then traveling to India where she saw women sitting on the floor hand quilting queen quilts for stores here in the US (a reminder that there are always hands touching the things we own today). Of course, perhaps all of this was memorable because her mother was a quilter herself.

You see where this is going… right? At long last, Rebecca has made a collection of quilts inspired by her own history. They are all handmade and compiled from various pieces of fabric in her studio–a fresh take on a no-waste & eco-friendly, that’s for sure! Each one is hand-sewn in Brooklyn and completely one of a kind. We love the unique colors and the quirky personality they offer. It’s obvious that each was made by hand and not in a big (impersonal) production run. Take a closer look at the details in the slideshow, and shop the full collection here.