Plants had always been important to Rebecca Bullene. “From a very early age I felt an affinity towards plants and a fascination with the natural world,” she says. “I loved to root cuttings, help weed, hang out at the lilac festival, collect chestnut seeds, basically anything that had me outdoors and getting dirty.” Not sure how to make a career in gardening, she moved to New York City to work in publishing.

After a decade in the city, a position opened up at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and she decided to take a chance and apply. “Once I started working with plants professionally I knew I was on the right path,” says Rebecca. “Greenery NYC was founded in 2010 while I was working at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. People would come up to me on the grounds of the garden and ask for advice or help, and I started taking on some of them as private clients on the weekends. Within a year I had enough business that I decided to leave the Botanic Garden.”

That side business is now a botanic design company that blends the science of horticulture with the art of design. They work on all types of live plant installations including office plants, landscaping, and residential plant design. Many of their projects are large-scale installations known as green walls but the team is equally passionate about getting plants into the homes of, well, everyone.

“New Yorkers spend an estimated 93% of their time inside so its not too surprising that many of our clients wanted us to design indoor plant installations. Our new online store is an extension of that, making it easy to buy beautiful plants and containers expertly planted and delivered as soon as the next day.” While next day delivery isn’t possible nationwide, Greenery NYC does offer tabletop plants and containers shipped across the United States.

Plus, they make it easy not just to get plants into your home, but keep them alive. “I’m not interested in selling someone a plant that takes a great Instagram photo then dies a slow death,” Rebecca laughs. “I want to help people select the plant that will thrive in their space long-term and help them develop a lasting relationship with plants.” So Greenery NYC’s website offers detailed care guides for every plant so that people always have a reference for recommended care and plants arrive in horticulturally sound planters, expertly planted to help set people up for success.

If that wasn’t enough, Rebecca also carefully selects plants that are as gorgeous as the plants they house. Greenery NYC works with both local and international artists to curate a selection of pots that can go with just about any aesthetic. And if you aren’t sure which plant and pot are your perfect pair, the Greenery NYC online shop is built to feel “a bit like a fashion website – your plants can ‘try on’ different pots so you can see how things look together before you purchase.” Which combo is for you?

1. Peperomia Peperomiodides in GRO Planter // 2. Hanging Triangle Pot // 3. Austral Fern // 4. GRO Planters // 5. Neanthe Bella Palm // 6. Monstera Delicious in Retro Bullet Planter (NYC only) // 7. Mixed Standing Planter (NYC only) // 8. Birds of Paradise (NYC only)