In design (and fashion), there’s the age-old debate of where should our money go. Do we splurge on a sofa? Or lighting? Well, we’re here to make the case for decorative accents, such as graphic boxes, as investments. Some sensible people would tell you to invest in furniture, not accessories, and although that might be true, we think that spending some cash on a unique piece of decor might also be a smart move.

For those who don’t have to choose between high quality furniture and expensive accents, all power to you! But many of us that love great design have to make concessions. We believe in taking your time and purchasing pieces slowly, having your choices be more deliberate ones and acquiring pieces that you’ve invested in. But sometimes you just need a dresser, fast. Which usually means Ikea or something similar (it’s hard not to love the Swedish furniture mega-store). For those moments, we think that finding a graphic accent such as box is the perfect way to personalize the simple lines of basic furniture.

The best thing about purchasing beautiful, design worthy accents is that they’re easier to move. So although acquiring high quality furniture may make the biggest impact, perhaps until you’ve finally settled down, collecting unique small pieces is a pragmatic choice.

Oh… and some of these are inexpensive options. Good design is good design.

Shop Rue: 1. Black Gold Grid Box // 2. Multicolored Zig-Zag Box // 3. Black Gold Stone Box // 4. Louis Cube Box // 5. Black White Patterned Box // 6. Gold and White Box // 7. Blue & Black Stripe Box // 8. Orange Box // 9. Quatrefoil Box