With locations in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Chelsea Market, Downtown Los Angeles and Venice, California — Artists & Fleas has become one of the most renowned markets for emerging artists, indie designers, and vintage collectors. Founded by a husband and wife team (Ronen Gilmer and Amy Abrams) in 2003, the market is synonymous with cool and the place to find that perfect gift. If you’re not in NY or CA, fear not! You can now scoop up Amy and Ronen’s picks on Depop. To get your shopping started, we had the dynamic duo share 7 of their top picks:

  1. 8.6.4. – There are people who painstakingly construct that “look” and then there are the rest of us: people whose subtle possessions make them happy. Start here.
  2. The Local Branch – We marvel at how a well-constructed camping hat can turn a look – whether for your average outdoorswoman or urbanite – into an outfit.
  3. Tightrope – We spend 80+% of our non-work, non-computer waking hours in the kitchen. A gorgeous cutting board is not only a necessary actor in our kitchen theater but a critical part of the narrative behind every memorable meal and any delectable morsel.
  4. Curated Basics – We love how simple accessories can often speak volumes. In this case, a clever little statement on a cigarette case that says the obvious is infinitely gift-worthy for that cheeky smoker friend who scoffs at the notion of kicking the habit.
  5. The 125 Collection – If you ever thought you had the wit and talent to put a phrase on a candle, here’s your shot. Find a meme or create your own and put it on a candle and let it burn.
  6. Chacana – Warm up, be cool and feel good doing it all with woolen throws and textiles that mix centuries of tradition with contemporary flavor.
  7. No Tox Life – It’s just as good to feel good as to look good – this shaving soap nails both effortlessly with a sweet smell to boot.