For those of us who have pets, we know that our little furry friends are pretty much like family. They bring us a little bit of joy after a stressful day and make us laugh at the silly things they do. They give their love, day in and day out, and ask for little in return (pretty much anything that we have on our plates). So as animal lovers ourselves we’ve put together our gift guide for pets. In a world where pet accessories and toys are quite hideous, it’s hard to find things that match our standards of good design.

We reached out to our community and found some great brands that make some seriously stylish items for your cat or dog. MiaCara, for example won a Red Dot Award for their Letto Dog Bed (featured here with our Market Editor’s pretty border collie Nova). It’s a mid-century masterpiece that not only your dog will love, but you will too. No more eye-sores, this one can be right in your living room.

So, whether you are looking for something big or small, you are sure to find something special for your beloved pet. Let’s be honest, gifts for your dog or cat are in part for them, and otherwise for us…

Click through the slideshow to see our dog and cat gift guides!