Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that creeps up on you, leaving you scrambling to think of a meaningful present. You may have been able to pull off a great gift last minute before, but it can’t go on repeat. You need something fresh! By all means, do you research, think it out, and if you can give something thoughtful (even if there’s no price-tag attached to it), go for it! What mothers want is a little appreciation and most of all — your time.

However, we love these gift boxes by Simone LeBlanc as a gift to your mother, sister, or friend. Each one is a little treasure trove of indulgence that most of us wouldn’t think to get for ourselves. We love that they tell a story of sorts, each item complementing the next. We’ve selected three different types of boxes but there are many others to choose from!

Left: Relax and Renew – this is basically hygge in a box. Herbal teas, matcha, a beautiful hand-crafted tea set, and soy scented candle all promise a quiet moment morning or afternoon with a good book or show.

Top Right: Mind, Body, Spirit – we love this, because gifts are all about sending great energy with good intentions. (Unlike a stuffed bunny we know…) From the perfume oil to the Japanese brass incense coaster, this not just a gift for the mind but also for the home.

Bottom Right: Staycation – as much as we love to travel, there’s no place like home. Flight delays, jet-lag, and a packed schedule can all leave you feeling exhausted instead of recharged after some time off. For those moments when all you want to do is get some rest, this box will revive the art of a good bath.