For those of us with a lot rolling around in our heads, we can appreciate a home with decor that feels soothing rather than energizing. And if you manage to achieve a stylish space without getting into drawn-out fights with your significant other, we’re all the more impressed. Natasha Lee pulled off both – not only did she and her boyfriend merge their two separate styles (she loves soft textures and he’s mid-century obsessed), but she also put together a space that brings a new look to gray.

From the custom made dining table to the light and airy kitchen, we enjoyed every moment in Natasha’s Santa Monica home. But for us, her bedroom stood out the most. Bold geometric pillows from Arianna Belle, some inexpensive finds, and soft layers make it a completely covetable space. Here’s how to get the look:

1. Mix gray with ivory. For a softer, feminine-meets-masculine approach, ditch the crisp white sheets and go for a sateen in cream.

2. Let Ikea and west elm become your best friends. As long as you have high quality bedding, heading to these more affordable stores can help you achieve high design at a lower price. Just look at how gorgeous this table lamp is! And at under $40, there’s not a lot to dissuade you from getting one yourself.

3. Find that one gorgeous statement pillow. We are in love with the Kubus pillow in this room. It’s custom made by Arianna Belle (one of our favorite online shops!!) and really gives the bed that little “something extra.”

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