We’re back with another edition of “Get the Look” with designer Allison Crawford! Allison, whose eponymous design firm is based in Texas, knows how to strike a balance: for this designer (and owner of HOTELette), eclectic meets sophisticated, comfort meets luxury, and function meets personality. 

In this series, Allison will show us her tricks of the trade, spilling insider secrets on how to get the most sought-after interiors. This time, she breaks down a style that’s empowering and a whole lot of fun: Fearlessly Feminine. Read on to catch her tips, from what paint colors work best to the finishing details that will make the space. 

How to the get the Fearlessly Feminine Look…
The most feminine thing you can do is embrace yourself and your personality, then proudly show it off in your home. For me, that means adding pops of pink and vases of flowers. But for others, it might mean whimsical wallpapers that have neither a trace of pink nor flowers!

Add a Touch of Pink
In my opinion, a fearlessly feminine look must include pink! I love going big and adding your pops of pink by painting the walls or the front door. Although pink paint can be tricky, embrace the color and find your favorite shades for the vibe you want to convey. My go-to is Farrow and Ball Ground Pink because it’s a beautiful neutral pink that adds a feminine softness but doesn’t overpower the room. I also have a thing for pink front doors and adore Behr Art Deco Pink and Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose for making a fabulous first impression on your guests.

Play with Patterns
Your home should be a reflection of you. Whether you adore big florals, whimsical designs or fun geometrics – show it off! But, if you don’t want to (or can’t) commit to wallpapering your walls, add patterns through textiles, art, accent walls or even the ceiling. Adding flair through unexpected, cheeky throw pillows is one of my favorite ways to incorporate my client’s personalities.

Curate Your Barware
The devil is always in the details, so take the time to curate bar and glassware that expresses your personality. Then show it off! In my opinion, showing off your personality is the most powerfully feminine you can do! Currently, I love combining vintage and modern barware – the juxtaposition of traditionally delicate, feminine pieces with modern sleek shapes and metals is fun and unexpected.

Share Your Signature Scent
Scent is such a powerful sense, and its uncanny ability to bring back memories has the coolest implications for how you and your guests interact with your space. It definitely sets a tone! Add more of your personality into your home by finding a candle or diffuser that reflects your personality. Before you know it, people that cool scent with you and your house!

Add the Finishing Touches
Of course we all spruce up our homes when guests are coming, adding a vase of flowers, fluffing the pillows, putting out luxury hand soaps, etc. But the person who should get the most joy out of your space is you, so make sure to add finishing touches when you’re not entertaining. I think there’s something very feminine about attention to detail – whether it’s a vase of your favorite flowers or fluffy turkish towels in the powder room – that everyone should embrace on a daily basis!

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