Karla Amadatsu spent her childhood visiting grandparents in the tranquil Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver. When the opportunity arose to revive one of the area’s character homes, she couldn’t resist. We profiled the whole space in our latest issue. Her love of the neighborhood from a young age also has shaped her design style, which she describes as “traditionalist at heart” yet has a distinct modern edge. See how we’d get the look in the slideshow.

Karla keeps the room united by using neutral tones in a variety of textures. Soft upholstery in white and cream contrast with a white lacquer coffee table and an ornate stool. Whites aren’t the only neutral; in the corner is a slim black side table and black makes an appearance in the hallway as well.

The clean lines of all the furnishings also add to the tranquility of the space. The molding on the fireplace sets the tone which is then mirrored in the gold frame above and subtle stripes on the rug.

Last, color is brought in through nature- both live plants and nature-inspired decor, like the shell shaped bowl on the coffee table and those gorgeous vintage illustrations. Natural objects complement the light-filled space and create a seamless experience from the tree-lined outside in.