We can’t get enough of PJ Mehaffey’s design for Keri Levitt in our most recent issue. Based on the number of you sharing it, we’re guessing you can’t either. So today we’re showing you how to get the look of the casual “dining nook” that, like all of PJ’s spaces, mixes modern with traditional. Here’s how to create a cohesive look while blending styles:

Have a solid foundation. This dining room is grounded by the large, round dining table whose scale and traditional lines provide a base to build off of. PJ says, “It’s really a goal of mine to weave in these authentic pieces that already had life before, to give more character to the house” and this dining table brings the gravitas needed to support so much happening on the walls.

Be dramatic. This space is all about high contrast. Black and white art pops off the dark walls (that also contrast with the light wood table.) The parson chairs’ pattern also adds interest to a traditional style chair. (Remember: have a solid foundation.) Then PJ takes it over the top with an oversized pendant light that you can check out in the slideshow.

Keep it fun. The red deer faux-idermy is the obvious illustration but we also love the neon washi tape frame and bright yellow chunky frames that PJ mixed in with streamlined gold, black, and white. After all, this space is for casual dining and a fun space will equal many long, laughter-filled meals. Cheers!