When we came across this edgy, young home designed by Stacey Cohen, we immediately knew we wanted to feature it. But it wasn’t until we sat down to interview the designer that we realized this elegant space included a lot of budget pieces and instantly made us re-think how a mix of high and low can produce gorgeous results.

The bedroom especially caught our attention – we love the mix of masculine and feminine, as well as the maximalist vibe that can easily be recreated in your own home. Here are three ways to achieve the look:

1. Bold wallpaper – nothing makes a room feel more “finished” than great artwork or bold wallpaper. Since artwork can usually be a bit expensive or relies on quite a bit of DIY craftiness if you want to do it on a budget, we think that the latter is a better option for some spaces. Designyourwall.com and Hygge & West are both good budget resources.

2. Symmetry – to achieve an elegant look on a budget, create symmetry in your space. By adding two of the same pieces on either side, even if the pieces are from more economical retailers, you’ll create a look that pleases the eye (and trick your friends into thinking you spent a lot more money than you actually did!).

3. Layer in luxurious textures – you can’t skimp on quality when it comes to bedding. This is the one place that we recommend going as far as your budget allows. Just like this room, mix in silk pillows and pastel quilted shams to break up the visual space of the crisp white bedding.

Click on the slideshow for our round-up of decor that will help you get the look!