Vacation homes are often locations where we can go a bit out of our comfort zones and go a little wild with decor – the fact that you don’t have to be there full time means that choices don’t have to please day in and day out. Sometimes that equates to obvious beach themes, or lodge paraphernalia, but others it just means something less location based and more out-of-the-box. This is the case with Cecilia Dupire’s Southampton home that we featured in our latest issue.

There are no shells, sisal, and nautical stripes to be seen in her home. Instead, she opted for intense blacks, bold artwork, and a minimalist look. Nothing here screams vacation home, everything exudes style, confidence, and personality. Which is why we think her dining room would make a great design scheme for your next redesign. Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start off with a high-quality table with a few years on it. There’s nothing like the beauty of wood, but we are especially drawn to farm-style tables where there are plenty of imperfections which give it character, and most importantly keep you relaxed about not using coasters or placements. Every ding and scratch only adds to its beauty.

2. Find clean-lined chairs and layer it with a custom cushion or sheepskin throw. This dining space is all about comfort. We love the lines of a very angular chair but it can sometimes be a bit stiff for long dinners with friends. Add in a few soft textures to invite your guests to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine after the meal is done.

3. A Large print will offset the size of the table. Invest in a great piece of oversized artwork. It will immediately elevate your dining room’s style but will also make a personalized statement about your tastes.

Now with these three ideas in mind, we’ve sourced our favorite online shops for pieces that will instantly give you a dining room that is as stylish as Cecilia’s. It’s just up to you to add your personal touch!