Sometimes the smallest rooms can have the biggest impact. Is that how the saying goes? No? Well, that’s okay. We still love this bathroom designed by Mindy Gayer that we showcased in our latest issue. In a home where Mindy was balancing Southern California boho-style with Northern California’s simplicity, this bathroom strikes just the right balance. Here’s how we’d make it our own.

Set the tone with a patterned tile. Limiting the colors to black and white and only placing the patterned towel on the floor keep the space calm while visually interesting. White subway tile with a dark grout pairs perfectly and a little more color is added thanks to an embroidered towel.

Blend the old and new. Mindy selected a clawfoot tub (with gold feet) which is a very traditional look but the showerhead (visible here) is much more modern. Don’t feel the need to be all traditional or all modern, the timelessness of this design comes from mixing both together.

Wood accents bring in warmth. A black and white space can feel very harsh, so a wood stool and wood framed mirror soften the look. As do the cactus and greenery so bring in something living, too!

See how to get the look in the slideshow!