Our latest issue featured a major transformation by Ashley Clark’s interior design firm, ShopSkout. She created a family-friendly space that was warm, welcoming, and full of style. If you loved the space as much as we did, here is how to get the look. See the details in the slideshow!

1. Get down to the essentials. Ashley’s clients had a Spanish style house but she took out the most ornate details to create a bright, white backdrop on which to layer details. Only the most clean and minimal original architecture remains. Do the same in any house with a unifying coat of white paint.

2. Layer in global influences, especially lots of wood and natural materials. Ashley opted for heavy carved round tables throughout the space. The round shape adds an organic feel and promotes conversations. Don’t worry about matching tones, use both light and darker woods to create a collected-over-time vibe.

3. Boost up the color with accessories. A few well-placed jolts of blue brings in life and pairs well with the sunny brightness of the white walls. A beach print is perfect for the home’s So-Cal location, but will have you dreaming of vacay no matter where you live.