So 2015 has officially begun, and we’re hoping that this year brings a whole new load of great experiences. Which is why we’re contemplating making a few changes, whether it’s to our health regimen, our wardrobe (we’re convinced that quality is better than quantity), and even our decor. One way, for example, that we intend to bring positivity to our homes is through geodes and crystals. Whether you believe in this pseudoscience or not, you have to admit that at the very least, you’ll have a stylish home accessory that will add a new material to the mix.

Geodes and crystals are not a new trend in interior design. We’ve seen all sorts of decor made with this natural material that range from heart-stopping to, well, cheesy. So given that there are so many geode designed products out there, we’ve searched the market for fresh looking pieces. So if you want to “harness the energy of crystals” or simply just love the look, you’ll get past the crumbly geode bookends.

Shop Rue: 1. Bottle Stopper // 2. Coasters // 3. Book Rest // 4. Framed Art // 5. Box // 6. Finial