Thanks to a bit of luck in the housing search, I have a whole room for my home office. Unfortunately, until recently, it was the most neglected room in the apartment. A month ago I updated it with a new white desk and a wall of bookcases, but beyond that it remained woefully under-decorated. With my chair facing a large blank wall, I knew I needed some statement art. So I turned to UGallery. My husband and I are both fans of photography and UGallery has just launched a new framing option. So we decided a set of framed photography and in three easy steps my formerly-neglected office has become my favorite room in the house.

First, narrowing down the selection. UGallery’s selection of art is almost overwhelming so we each went through individually and picked out our favorites. I love that UGallery always shares the story behind a piece of art. As a fan of architecture, I was immediately drawn to the piece Bauhaus Detail but love it even more once I read that is actually the Bauhaus school archives designed by Walter Gropius.

Second, creating an arrangement. Simply save the photograph’s image to your desktop and open up all the files to see which of your favorites pair best together. Having contrast is key, so we mixed up more abstract shots with photojournalist images. With five pieces, we decided to have three framed in black and two mounted on acrylic.

Third, order and hang! Ordering can’t be simpler thanks to UGallery. Many pieces are offered in different sizes, so select your size and type of frame. Your pieces arrive in their frames, completely ready to hang, which also isn’t difficult at all.

My selections, from top left: A Misdirection by Andrew Sikora, Underground Passage by Alicja Brodowicz, Bakery at Night by Gustavo Minas, London View by Ilya Khuroshvili, and Bauhaus Detail by Alexandra Henry.