Interior design has two important components: functionality and artistry, without which a space cannot be complete. On first glance, we may believe that if we just had a big enough budget, we could make our homes straight look beyond cool, where our lives transform into something completely different, better. If I just had a trendy loft with a chef’s kitchen, then I’d be able to hold off-the-cuff dinner parties that my friends would all be impressed by. But the reality is that decorating is not just about having fabulous pieces, or the perfect space, it’s about knowing how to make what you have and what you can afford work.

Besides taking your time with decorating (and saving up for a few spectacular items), we think that a little rearranging can make a huge impact. We can all fall into the trap of being a little bit unimaginative when it comes to furniture placement, but the reality is that if we just switch things around, we can breathe new life into our spaces. And we might even stumble upon a set up that completely changes the feeling of our homes and how we live in it. We’ve found three examples from our magazine that show creative ways to place your furniture. This weekend, give it a try and see what the results are!