Our Style Editor, Victoria de la Camara, shares her love of IKEA’s newest Viktigt Collection and what it means for mainstream home decor brands.

For the past year now, IKEA has been moving in a direction that I am really into. First with its Sinnerlig Collection by Ilse Crawford and now with the Viktigt Collection by Ingegerd Raman. We’re seeing a fresher, trendier look being applied to its classic versatility. But more importantly, we’re seeing an emphasis on simplicity and craftsmanship.

From West Elm to Crate & Barrel and now IKEA, mainstream home decor stores are focusing on artisans and craft to give personality and depth to their mass-market collections. If you guys are like me, and I am assuming you are, you want the things in your home to have richness in their materials and production, even if you are walking into a place like IKEA, which is why the Viktigt Collection is so up my alley.

Minimalism is not just for the design snobs out there, its about celebrating the simplicity of our daily lives at home. As the collection’s head designer, Ingegerd Raman, puts it –“everyday is equally important”. I want the dishes I use for a slow weekend breakfast with my boyfriend to be just as elegant as what I’d put down for guests on NYE, but that doesn’t mean I want to eat a croissant on gold leaf plates. Dinnerware should make the food look good, and vice versa. And instead of opting for loud and colorful design, I prefer the understated. Which is why the Viktigt collection is perfect.

Skilled craftsman and designers were present throughout the production process. We see natural materials like bamboo, glass, and seagrass being celebrated. And more importantly, at a fraction of the normal cost — what we love IKEA for — you are able to take Ingegerd Raman’s genius home, to help make those simple home rituals of meal times or laundry day that much more beautiful.