Charlie Ferrer‘s 1000 square foot apartment in Manhattan is his studio, residence and designer showroom. Having launched his eponymous design firm in 2013, he needed a space that would show off his interior point of view as well as his eye for great pieces from young furniture and lighting designers. By appointment, customers can come in to browse the custom, avant-garde pieces created by the likes of Billy Cotton, Michael Bargo, and Ana Meier; designs that on their own could be confused with works of art but together create a beautifully unique and harmonious space. Beyond Ferrer‘s amazing eye for ground-breaking design, his Manhattan apartment shows a strong handle of the art of layering: one of the hardest and most important skills in design.

For those of us who want to create sophisticated, nuanced and stylish spaces, the ability to layer is key. For many, layering means adding many loud things to create a big impact, but truly great layering keeps the room clean while adding subtle visual interest.

Don’t worry if all of this feels a bit abstract, click on our slideshow and we’ll help break down Charlie Ferrer’s layering genius!