Whenever a brand expands its reach, it is typically met with apprehension. It’s not always the case that a new venture will turn out successfully. But few will remember that Serena & Lily, the traditional-meets-contemporary home decor company, used to be children focused. Their woven, stylish, no-fuss pieces have become a staple to any of us who love interiors. They brought back the bistro chair with a vengeance! So, when we found out that their newest endeavor meant a new apparel line, we knew it would be a success. With crisp basics and a few fun patterns to mix it up, we think that Serena & Lily will fast become a summer staple for your wardrobe.

Here are three ways that their clothing line draws from their home collection:

1. Tasteful patterns. The Pippa Short includes a pattern that is a nod to the ’60s. It feels a little a little Scandinavian modern with an American twist.

2. Shapes that are classy but not fussy. Whether it is the clothing line or the home line, their designs have style but always make comfort a defining feature. With enough design to make it a covetable item, it remains simple enough to work within any aesthetic – modern, traditional, eclectic…

3. A color palette of easy to pair colors and neutrals. This outfit and this room have one important thing in common: color is met with just the right amount of neutrals. In these coming warmer months, we’re looking forward to giving our homes and wardrobes a cheerful color injection. But to ensure that we don’t look like a bag of Skittles, it’s crucial to bring in textured neutrals. Whether it’s a crisp white top, or a thick woven beige rug, there needs to be equal parts blues and reds to browns, whites and tans.