It’s easy to feel a bit apprehensive about mixing metals. When it comes to jewelry, we’re creatures of habit and tend to stick to either silver or gold. For kitchen appliances, cohesion feels best. But what about our entertaining arsenal? With so many gorgeous items in various finishes, it’s hard to pick a side. We believe that mixing metals doesn’t have to clash, but can instead feel complementary. And at the end of the day, the best route is to only invest in items you love. If that means pewter servers alongside brass trays and a silver set of salt & pepper shakers, then by all means, go for it.

Our only other tip? When using these pieces at the same event, keep other details minimal. Think white (or mostly neutral) florals and wood accents to let the metals shine… literally.

Shop the Story: 1. Party Cups // 2. Brass Trays // 3. Geo Salt + Pepper Shakers // 4. Carafe // 5. Placemats // 6. Cocktail Napkins // 7. Salad Set