When Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak were building their first home in New York City, they felt a frustration with the lack of high-quality home goods at a price they could afford. “High-design, upscale offerings we would fall in love with were extremely overpriced and inaccessible,” Rachel explains. “So, we set out to create products that met our budget and aligned with our design aesthetic. We were inspired by the idea that top notch design balances form, function and durability, and really is all about the details. We believe the provenance of the materials makes all the difference, and how the best, simplest pieces themselves can provide answers to everyday situations we all come across.” Today, their online store, Snowe, fulfills all of those needs… stylishly.

Snowe began with the “building blocks” of home: Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Bathe. “Our Eat category offers plates, bowls, mugs and serveware made from Limoges porcelain oven-fired in Portugal. You will also find stainless steel flatware and serving utensils, carefully crafted in high-gauge stainless steel for exceptional durability and enduring brilliance,” Rachel says. For drink? Tall and short tumblers, white & red wine glasses, Champagne flutes, Martini glasses, Pilsner glasses, and a variety of serving pieces.

Rachel lights up when she talks about the next category — Sleep — and thinks it might be the most important as well.  “Just because guests may not see the bedroom doesn’t mean you should delay appointing it as you would your living room. Most people spend more than a third of their days in bed – and not only while sleeping! – and we set out to offer the most luxurious bedding at a price that we hope will encourage more people to experience the comfort offered by superior bedding. Our sheets are made from the best Egyptian cotton, boast a 500 thread count percale and are lightweight and breathable, bringing a higher level of comfort to sleeping. Snowe’s linens actually get better over time, so investing in our sheets will pay off with every use.”

Finally, the Bathe category features plush towels in all sizes from washcloths to bath sheets (huge, luxurious towels that you can wrap yourself in), as well as a shower curtain and bath mat to accessorize the rest of the bathroom.

“We focused on giving everything you need and nothing you don’t — foundational pieces of enduring quality and timeless, versatile design that can be used over and over,” Rachel says. “We often draw the comparison to fashion – our products are the jeans and white t-shirt of home … the pieces you can’t live without, that are the foundation, and that work for any occasion or aesthetic for years and years.” You can shop by piece, or purchase in bundles — an ideal solution for people who are just getting started. Start our slideshow for a closer look and to shop our favorites.