With the gorgeous wreath that Scot Meacham Wood created for our holiday issue, we have fallen guilty of leaving our festive décor up a little longer than usual. That is why we were so excited when we saw this unique wreath that makes a statement long after the holidays are gone. The best part?? You can make it yourself. That is where Meg Allan Cole comes in.

Meg Allan Cole is an absolute DIY queen. From fresh décor ideas to fashion upgrades, Meg is on top of her game. Follow her simple steps and you’ll be a DIY-pro in no time.

Step 1: Gather (or buy) branches.

Step 2: Buy humane feathers from the craft store.

Step 3: Trim branches + cut small pieces of floral wire.

Step 4: Connect your branches with wire pieces by wrapping the wire around both ends until secure.

Step 5: Continue connecting branches until you have your desired size wreath form.

Step 6: Now, to get colorful! Begin adding feathers. Start with a nice v-shape at the base and build up from there.

Step 7: Use glue and/or wire pieces to attach feathers permanently to branches.

Step 8: Add a twine (or ribbon!) hanger at the top of the wreath and hang!