There’s nothing we love more than unwinding with a binge-worthy new show on a Friday night, but it seems eating dinner on the sofa has become quite common — and preferred! While we are certainly guilty of it ourselves, we believe that sitting down to eat is a special form of self-care. Whether you live alone or with others, dinnertime is a prime opportunity to break from the daily grind and relax.

Having a designated space to enjoy a meal provides a gratifying experience from an otherwise ordinary routine. Being able to sit down for breakfast to plan your weekend or escape from the stressors of work with a homemade dinner is something you can’t get from your couch and TV.

Everyone here at RUE lives in all different styles of homes — from large family houses to tiny urban apartments. Admittingly, those of us with a formal dining room rarely use it — the room feels, well, too formal! And those of us in smaller spaces feel like there’s just not enough room for a “proper” dining space.  Collectively, we decided to take on the challenge to prove that no matter the size or style of your home, there is always a way to create a dining space that will have you reinstating your “no food on the sofa” rule.  We looked to LumiSource, who supplies a wide range of products across numerous styles, for help! Plus, their affordable products are available at some of our favorite retailers, like Wayfair and Overstock. Start the slideshow to see our picks!