Selecting a sofa usually means figuring out what size will fit in your space, narrowing down all the options in those dimensions, and then hoping you can find the style you want in the color you desire. All followed by a loooonggg wait for your new sofa to arrive. Enter BenchMade Modern, a custom upholstery company that flips the script. First, select the style and color you prefer, then select the exact size you’d like, down to the inch. To make sure it’s the ideal fit for your space, they will even ship you a print out of your sofa that you can arrange in the space, so you can double check that there is still enough room to walk between the sofa and coffee table or that it does pair correctly. Plus, each piece is made in their LA studio and delivered within two weeks. All of this to say, you can stop worrying about the logistics of your new furniture and focus on the important part – getting the right design for your home. In the slideshow, Tara and Edgar Blazona, the co-founders of BenchMade Modern, share how to create a cohesive look in any space.